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We help individuals and attorneys with complex family law matters. 





We understand the discipline required for managing a high-stakes mediation. If your client has significant assets or a business at stake, then you may need to enlist a Registered Family Law Mediator with a strong background in both tax and business. Clients often look to mediation to provide an efficient, effective resolution to their divorce or custody dispute. We have extensive experience representing parents and children in negotiating complex child custody and divorce cases while protecting the client's business, income and other assets.

A mediator who understands the emotional strain of family law issues can help your clients discretely address their divorce or family law proceeding. As a Registered Family Law Mediator, an experienced CPA with strong business acumen, and a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve JAG Corps, Steve Fillenwarth has the disciplined, business-oriented approach needed to guide your clients to a successful resolution.

When a family business or a reputation earned over the course of a long-standing career is at stake, then a discrete, efficient mediation is a responsible solution for family law matters. A mediator with a strong business background, such as a CPA, will be able to apply a business-oriented perspective to the family law situation. Working with a trusted, certified mediator can help you or your clients avoid any unwanted publicity and find a solution that protects their business interests.

At Fillenwarth & Associates, we understand the level of professionalism and degree of difficulty involved in family law mediation. Steve Fillenwarth has been recognized by his peers for his professionalism as a Distinguished Fellow of the Indianapolis Bar Association.

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If your client wants to ensure they receive a portion of their ex-spouse’s retirement benefits, your client may need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). A QDRO is an essential document for a person other than the payee to receive the portion of a pension/benefits plan to which he/she is entitled. It is a complex document that requires a deep understanding how to draft the QDRO, work with the benefit plan for approval, and prepare a final copy for signature by a judge. We have experience with all types of QDROs, including retirement plans and military benefits plans. Our extensive background allows us to promptly and accurately draft a QDRO for assistance in a family law matter.

Why You Need Experienced QDRO Support

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a domestic relations order that is drafted in order to recognize an alternate payee’s right to receive all or a portion of the payee’s benefits under a benefits plan. It may also assign the alternate payee the right to receive all or some of the payee’s benefits. Obtaining a QDRO will protect your client’s right to the portion of his or her spouse or ex-spouse’s retirement or pension benefits awarded in the divorce.

It’s imperative that the QDRO contain certain information in order for it to be validated under law. We will work with your client to obtain the necessary information, such as the name of each plan to which the order applies and the dollar amount or percentage (or how one will determine the percentage) of the benefit to be paid to the alternate payee. We will also work with the benefits plan to ensure the necessary language is included to obtain the plan's approval.    

Mistakes in drafting the QDRO can lead to delays in approval by the benefits plan or a denial by the plan. We have more than 25 years of experience drafting QDROs and working with benefits plans. Our experience pays off for you in a faster turnaround time and an accurate QDRO draft.





The business aspects of family law are nuanced. At Fillenwarth & Associates, we understand how to support the emotionally demanding work of family law attorneys through our disciplined, business-oriented valuation services.

We help individuals and family law attorneys with a variety of valuations, including pension valuations, privately held business valuations, retirement asset valuations, and valuations of other business holdings. As a CPA and family law attorney with a thorough understanding of tax law, Steve Fillenwarth can provide both book valuations and market-based valuations for privately held businesses and business interests.

We understand that privately held businesses take many forms. We provide valuations for C-corporations, S-corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs). We can also assist you or your clients in understanding how a division of the family business, or its assets, may impact future tax obligations or even preferred status of the business, such as MBE/WBE/VBE status.

We support family law attorneys in all aspects of valuation, drawing on our strong business acumen and thorough understanding of tax laws and implications. We help the attorney by managing the discovery process related to the client's business. We provide comprehensive and insightful analysis of valuation reports, deposition preparation for experts, preparation of materials for the attorney's experts, and preparation of lead attorneys for cross-examination of opposing experts at trial. We also support family law attorneys through creation of the client's marital balance sheet.

At Fillenwarth & Associates, we advise individuals and family law attorneys on the impact that different valuations can have on family law matters. We can help you understand the types of documentation or records to prepare in order to generate the most effective valuation for your circumstances.