The business of family law.


Fillenwarth & Associates is dedicated to bringing efficient, effective solutions to the business aspects of family law.

We help individuals and attorneys with complex family law matters. Our individual clients often own businesses or have significant assets that need to be considered in family law matters.

Our attorney clients collaborate with us to serve their family law clients. We bring a disciplined business background to provide clarity in ambiguous and contentious family law disputes.



A disciplined business approach to family law.


We support the business aspects of family law through mediation; qualified domestic relations orders of all types, including federal retirement plans and military plans; business valuations; pension valuations; and complex tax matters. As a CPA, attorney, and retired JAG officer, Steve Fillenwarth brings a disciplined, business mindset to family law.




Certified Family Law Mediator

We understand the discipline required for managing a high-stakes mediation. If you or your client have significant assets, a long-standing reputation, or a business at stake, then you may need to enlist a Registered Family Law Mediator.



Experience Matters

If your client wants to ensure they receive a portion of their ex-spouse’s retirement benefits, your client may need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. But mistakes in drafting the QDRO can lead to delays in approval by the benefits plan or a denial by the plan. We can help.


More Than a Number

We help individuals and family law attorneys with a variety of valuations, including pension valuations, privately held business valuations, retirement asset valuations, and valuations of other business holdings.